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What time will the events begin?

The wedding ceremony will begin at 4 pm at the Petaluma Historic Museum, and will last about 20-30 minutes (depending on how much Courtney weeps.) 


The reception will begin at 5 pm at the Petaluma Masonic Lodge, and will last until approximately 10 pm.  Afterwards, you are welcome to continue the festivities at one of the area bars


I don’t get it.  Are you getting married at a Museum or a Library?

It’s a little of both.  The Petaluma Historic Museum functioned as the main library for the City of Petaluma from the time of its construction in 1904 until the mid-1970s, when it was replaced with a larger, more modern facility near the fairgrounds.  The Petaluma Historical Society maintains a research library onsite, but the building currently functions as a museum, with particular focus on Petaluma history. 


What should we do in the time between ceremony & reception?

Downtown Petaluma is full of coffee-shops, bars, antique stores and all kinds of other specialty stores & boutiques.  There are many examples of interesting architecture & historic preservation, so simply walking around the downtown area might pique your interest.  There are plenty of benches in downtown for quiet enjoyment of the passers-by as well. 


For you movie buffs, you might recognize some of these buildings as being featured in the many movies filmed in the downtown area over time (more info HERE). 


For a self-guided walking tour of downtown Petaluma, click HERE.


May my children attend the wedding & reception?

Given the location and late hour, we invite our friends with small children to take a night off from parenting duties to celebrate with us.  We will certainly make exceptions for nursing infants, but we request that arrangements be made for all other small children. 


May I invite a guest?

As much as we would like to accommodate everyone, due to space and guest list constraints, only persons addressed on the formal invitation are invited to attend the wedding.  If your invitation envelope is addressed “and guest,” you may invite one adult guest to accompany you.  When you RSVP for yourself and your guest, please include their name for the seating chart. 


What will the weather be like?

October in Wine Country can be somewhat unpredictable, but it’s usually beautiful.  While we don’t expect rain on that weekend (based on historical data,) it will likely be warm during the day, and chill off considerably at night.   It is not unusual for nighttime temperatures to drop off 20-30 degrees from daytime highs, so at the very least, pack yourselves a light jacket or sweater for these chilly evenings.  Our best recommendation is to act like the locals, and dress in layers. 


What is the recommended wedding attire?

We’re not planning a terribly formal event, but we do recommend collared shirts, ties, and dress slacks for gentlemen, and cocktail attire for the ladies. 

Will there be vegetarian food available?

Though we aren't vegetarians, we do want everyone to have PLENTY to eat.  So yes, there will be various vegetarian-friendly selections (though not vegan.) 


Where are you staying?

Kevin and Courtney and their families will be staying at the Petaluma Sheraton.


How do we get there?  Where should we park?

Click HERE for a general area map, complete with things to do and directions.


Click HERE for walking directions from the Keller Street Parking Garage (our recommendation) to the ceremony at the Petaluma Museum.


Parking can be challenging in downtown Petaluma, so we’ve tried to highlight the various parking garages in the area.  Please pay attention to posted time limits (usually two hours maximum), though we’ve tried to time our events so that you shouldn’t have to move your car. 


We also strongly encourage the use of carpools & taxicabs, especially for those who plan to enjoy a few adult beverages.

A-1 Taxi of Petaluma:            707.763.3393
A-C Taxi:                              707.526.4888
Petaluma Taxi:                        707.776.4888

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